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The Lifestyle Group is an innovative enterprise committed to providing quality and professional leisure, lifestyle and hospitality services to the Asia Pacific Region.  Under the group’s umbrella of businesses, we own and operate Spotlight Recreation Club, Telford Recreation Club, Western Market heritage building, the well-known Spotlight Children’s Education Centres, the wedding and F&B service Brand ClubONE, Spotlight Enterprises Limited and Ocean Power Management Services Limited provides management and support services to government departments and other organizations. Under the strategic leadership of our reputable Board of Directors, our team of over 500 professional management staff has been delivering impeccable services to our clients and members, including facilities management, health and fitness centres, events planning, business functions and catering facilities.



博藝會Spotlight Recreation Club Ÿ 德藝會Telford Recreation Club Ÿ 大舞臺The Grand Stage Ÿ 會所1號ClubONE  

ClubWedding Ÿ ClubDining Ÿ ClubBanquet Ÿ 舞林聚匯Just Dance Cafe Ÿ 西港城Western Market

LifeFitness Ÿ 小太陽兒童教育中心Spotlight Children's Education Centre